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PAGE 2   "I'd Rather Be Lucky" CD release party
PAGE 3   Misc. Gigs...
PAGE 4   Fat Tuesday opens for  NRBQ
PAGE 5   2000 Iowa Blues Challenge
PAGE 6   2002 Court Avenue Winter Blues Fest
PAGE 7   Mississippi Valley Blues Fest 2000
PAGE 8   International Blues Challenge 2001 - Memphis, TN
PAGE 9   Jam with Mac Odom of Roomful Of Blues
PAGE 10 Gov Vilsak's Birthday Party

WARNING: page may take awhile to load....LOTS of photos.  Worth the wait though!
Photos are thumbnails.  Click on each to enlarge.  

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THURSDAY - First item on the agenda...  Family reunion in Memphis time.  Scott meets his birth Mother, Carol, for the first time.  As you can see, it was a very special & touching moment.  Scott's holding a lapel pin shaped like a music note that Carol gave him as good luck gift.  Once dry-eyed, we went around the corner to the Rendezvous for some BBQ...  Far right picture: Scott, Carol, Mark (Scott's bro), Sheran & Dave Long (Scott's Mom & Dad)

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Then we were off to Beale Street.... cool, huh?

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Checking out Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin @ the Black Diamond.  Tried real hard, but I didn't catch the name of the woman that got up with him for a couple songs.  Anyway, she WOWed us all...

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FRIDAY - The Blues mafia, family and friends take their appropriate positions @ the Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street in anticipation for the semi-final round of the International Blues Challenge...

memphis23.JPG (43494 bytes) Some of the competion. Charlie Love & His Silky Smooth Band
out of Chicago, IL
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Okay... so now it's our turn.  The guys get up and lay down an impressive introduction then Vern decides he has some stuff to say...  Turns out to be a marriage proposal to his lovely girlfriend, Lisa!  She gleefully accepts... and then on with the show... "Congrats & Best Wishes, Vern & Lisa"

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Here they are givin' it all they got.
Jimmy all in his new bright red suit.
Such a great venue & stage.

Special thanks to Carol Young for these photos... beautiful shots!

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More competition... 
Phil "Sugga Badd" Callier & Jhamm
out of KC, MO

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memphis22.JPG (32368 bytes) Then a favorite in the competition...
Shortt Dogg, etc...
out of Oklahoma

SATURDAY - The finals were held at the New Daisy Theatre.  Beale Street Caravan was taping for the radio show.  This is a pic of the DJ from the Caravan.

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Peter Kern
 of Vienna Austria, representing the Big Joe Turner Musicians Fund of California

Collard Greens
& Gravy
representing the Melbourne (Australia) Blues Appreciation Society
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Richard Johnson
representing the Beale Street Blues Society of Memphis
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All photos this page courtesy of... Jen Taylor, Carol Young & Lori Bowling