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PAGE 2   "I'd Rather Be Lucky" CD release party
PAGE 3   Misc. Gigs...
PAGE 4   Fat Tuesday opens for  NRBQ
PAGE 5   2000 Iowa Blues Challenge
PAGE 6   2002 Court Avenue Winter Blues Fest
PAGE 7   Mississippi Valley Blues Fest 2000
PAGE 8   International Blues Challenge 2001 - Memphis, TN
PAGE 9   Jam with Mac Odom of Roomful Of Blues
PAGE 10 Gov Vilsak's Birthday Party

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davis-mvbf.jpg (83861 bytes) vern-mvbf.jpg (23551 bytes) jimmy-mvbf.jpg (80761 bytes) fattues2-mvbf.jpg (83410 bytes) greg-mvbf.jpg (95271 bytes)
Scott Davis Vern Hansen Jimmy Pryor Fat Tuesday Greg Sutherland
fattues-mvbf.jpg (63206 bytes) scott-mvbf.jpg (83787 bytes) doug-mvbf.jpg (51353 bytes) fat-mvbf.jpg (79698 bytes)
Fat Tuesday Scott Long Doug Johnson Scott, Vern, Scott

The photos and personal perspective below
are courtesy of Don "T-Bone" Erickson
...thanks loadz, Don...
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deborahcoleman.jpg (43459 bytes) deborahcoleman3.jpg (48062 bytes) deborahcoleman2.jpg (36088 bytes) 4coleman.jpg (52646 bytes)

The band shell in LeClaire Park is my favorite backdrop for taking photographs.  Deborah Coleman was resplendent in her purple outfit, the lights accenting her beautiful features.  Deborah and her band, The Thrillseekers, are one of the most exciting acts on the scene today.  Keep your eye on this talented lady as she roams the country, showcasing her abundant skills at singing, songwriting, and guitar playing.

chrisvachonroomful.jpg (59392 bytes) odoms.jpg (40201 bytes)

Roomful of Blues have gone through a myriad of personnel changes through the last three decades.  Led by guitarist Chris Vachon, and vocalist Mac Odoms, I feel that their current line-up is one of the best yet.  Chris always provides many great photo opportunities with his many anguished "Blues faces".

Chris Vachon Mac Odoms
snookypryor.jpg (41781 bytes) skeepryor.jpg (49287 bytes)

The venerable Snooky Pryor is a true living legend.  He claims to be the very first harp player to amplify the instrument.  His bass playing son, Skee Pryor, joined his father on the tent stage.  They both later joined Matt 'Guitar" Murphy at the band shell. 

Snooky Pryor Skee Pryor
johnnyelgato.jpg (37638 bytes) johnnythebadnews.jpg (76415 bytes)

Johnny & the Bad News got the chance to play in front of their hometown fans due to their winning the Quad Cities round in the 2000 Iowa Blues Challenge.  An impressive guitarist, Johnny El Gato ,AKA Will Gustafson, led his trio through a set of torrid Blues Rock. 

Johnny El Gato Johnny & The Bad News
keyes.jpg (47068 bytes) keyesbass.jpg (33537 bytes) keyessax.jpg (52049 bytes)

The band that won the top prize at the International Blues Challenge this past year, was The Dave Keyes Band from the Sloatsburg, New York area.  A tremendous talent on piano, Keyes has put together a great band, featuring some outstanding sax work. 

Dave Keyes Keith Lambeth Chris Eminizer
deannabogart.jpg (44674 bytes)

Deanna Bogart is one of the most entertaining artists around.  She not only plays a mean piano and sax, in addition to her vocal skills, Deanna really knows how to work a crowd, grabbing their attention and never letting go.  Check out her show when you get the chance.  There's no way that you will leave disappointed.   

roygaines.jpg (38710 bytes) robbstupka.jpg (56289 bytes) 1gaines.jpg (57587 bytes)

Roy Gaines is a bona fide guitar slinger and showman in the fine Texas tradition.  A true dynamo, he is seemingly always in motion, playing the guitar behind his head, strutting across the stage ,or while lying on his back and kicking his legs in the air.  Do not miss any opportunity to see this talented man and his equally talented band, which included David Maxwell on piano and Robb Stupka on drums.  

Roy Gaines Robb Stupka Roy Gaines
loudonaldson.jpg (57996 bytes) drlonniesmith.jpg (72091 bytes)

The MVBF always has a Jazz artist on the line-up, and this year's offering was none other than groove specialist, Lou Donaldson.  The remarkable Dr. Lonnie Smith was also on hand, evoking some magical, mystifying sounds from the organ.  Smith's playing and stage presence  was definitely one of the major highlights of the fest for many.

Lou Donaldson Dr. Lonnie Smith
MGM.jpg (54071 bytes) MGMhorn.jpg (49646 bytes) MGMjameswheeler.jpg (51410 bytes)

Matt "Guitar" Murphy was the headline act Saturday on the band shell stage.  He gathered an all-star assemblage of Blues stalwarts to help him out, including James Wheeler, among many others.

Matt "Guitar"
James Wheeler
1jimmy-mvbf.jpg (49032 bytes) dougj-mvbf.jpg (43154 bytes) 2scott-mvbf.jpg (46226 bytes) woody-mvbf.jpg (49434 bytes) 2greg-mvbf.jpg (50922 bytes) horns-mvbf.jpg (80729 bytes)
Jimmy, Scott
& Greg
Doug Johnson Scott Woody Greg
Scott & Vern

fat-mvbf.jpg (76707 bytes)scott-mvbf2.jpg (84999 bytes)Fat Tuesday &  the Greasefire Horns featuring Jimmy Pryor, earned their spot at the prestigious Mississippi Valley Blues Festival by winning the 2000 Iowa Blues Challenge.  The band was augmented on this special day by the presence of Doug Johnson on the Hammond organ.  The band will represent the state of Iowa at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.  

annieraines.jpg (54339 bytes)

Harp player, Annie Raines, along with guitarist Paul Rishell, will warm your heart and soothe your soul.  Their brand of acoustic Blues is a fine tonic if you are feeling a little low and need a lift of spirits. 

castro2.jpg (25275 bytes) 4castro.jpg (42840 bytes) castro.jpg (52932 bytes) randymacdonald.jpg (37065 bytes)
Tommy Castro Randy McDonald

Tommy Castro absolutely tore it up for the appreciative throng.  His mix of rockin' Soul/Blues had everyone revved up and dancing their shoes off.  The man can sing! and play!  The women sure seem to go for him, too. Go figure....

kimnalley.jpg (38136 bytes) kimnalley2.jpg (51716 bytes) bluesuedeshoes.jpg (35573 bytes) friman.jpg (36832 bytes)
Kim Nalley Blue Suede Shoes John Firmin

What else can I say about Kim Nalley, featured vocalist for the Johnny Nocturne Band, other than to say that she has it all - a great voice, a charismatic stage presence, a genuine sense of tradition, and as you can see, beauty that is truly mesmerizing.  Give John Firmin, AKA Johnny Nocturne, credit for recognizing Kim's attributes and giving her the chance to show the world her talent.  The band plays music that harkens back to earlier times when this brand of Blues was played with finesse, style, and a Jazz flair.  Nalley will remind you of legends Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith.  

bobbybluebland.jpg (46384 bytes)

The legendary Soul man, Bobby "Blue" Bland, put the final touches on another great weekend of therapeutic fun and relaxation at the MVBF.




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